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COVID-19 Update (2)

We have now extended our opening hours amidst the pandemic! We are open 09:00 to 16:00 on weekdays only. Please contact for further updates.

The future of housing in Winchester

What does the future look like for housing in the City of Winchester?

A study published in 2016 has highlighted the City of Winchester as the third most prosperous council area in the United Kingdom. This is a clear sign of a successful and urban future in Winchester. Residents in and around London will look to the City of Winchester as a cheap alternative for housing, intact with the perfect amenities and services.

A rise in available studio apartments

An update on the availability of studio apartments in and around the City of Winchester.

There has been major emigration out of the UK in the wake of Brexit, and now amidst the pandemic. A majority of workers and individuals who were staying in studio apartments in contracts for less than 2 years have now moved out, leaving the availability of a large quantity of studio apartments. With prices remaining stagnant in recent times, it's the perfect time to avail your own studio apartment in Winchester. We're happy to inform you that we have a series of such apartments available within our portfolio! Contact now for more details.